Starting with Archlinux
When it all started.
I have been using Linux since October 2006. I started with Ubuntu and moved on to Debian and finally settled on Archlinux, I have been using Archlinux for about three years now and couldn't imagine using anything else.
The main reason I use Archlinux is that it is as minimal as I want it to be and as fast as I need it to be. Archlinux is very versatile and is easy to make it whatever you want it to be.
One of the really good features of Archlinux is that it is a rolling distribution, that means it is upgraded as and when you want, there are no release dates, you have the fully up to date system every day, every week, every month. You upgrade as often as you like. If you upgrade daily it takes a few minutes at most, if you upgrade monthly it may take ten or twenty minutes at most. You can continue to use Archlinux while it is upgrading and you do not need to reboot when the upgrade is complete (unless there is a kernel upgrade and you specifically require to be running the new kernel).
Archlinux is very easy to install although it has previously had a reputation of being complicated to install.

The Archlinux Web Site.
The web site can be reached here .
The Archlinux web site is crammed full of everything you could ever want to know about Archlinux, from installing to improving an existing system. The forums are full of useful information and the community is very helpful. There are Wiki's that cover just about anything you can think of, from getting a printer to work right through to setting up Virtualbox.
Take a look at the beginners' guide here
. It is a good place to get started.
The Archlinux repositories are extensive and there are also user created repositories (AUR), you can generally find even the most obscure applications.

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